Embutidos Ferju

Natural Cured Bacon

Natural Salty bacon marinated in garlic, black pepper and oregano. Naturally cured for at least 6 weeks and lightly smoked with oak firewood. Ideal to be consumed either raw or cooked.

Embutidos Ferju

Smoked Pork Shoulder

Pork shoulder from the shoulder of pigs whose weight, once salted and lightly smoked, is around 3Kgs. A traditional product ideal to be consumed cooked and dressed in paprika and olive oil, or prepared with potatoes and pulses

Embutidos Ferju

Cured and Cooked Beef Tongue

We choose large beef tongues, to be marinated with paprika, garlic and oregano after which they are cured. After the curing process, we cook and peel the tongues, thereby creating an exquisite product ready for consumption (900g per unit approximately).

Embutidos Ferju

Pork Tongue

Selected pork tongue marinated in paprika, garlic and oregano. Naturally cured and lightly smoked, perfect for "Cocidos" or spoon dishes.

Embutidos Ferju

Marinated Rib

Meaty pork ribs, salted and marinated in a traditional style with paprika, garlic and oregano.Lightly smoked with oak firewood and aired for 2 weeks.

Embutidos Ferju

Cured "Black Pudding"

Typical product from León, made with pork, bread, pig's blood, onion and paprika. It is lightly smoked with oak firewood and despite being a cured product it is recommended to be consumed either boiled or fried.

Embutidos Ferju


Botillo is a typical product from the Bierzo region, made with pork rib, tail, tongue, meat and spine. All these ingredients are cut into pieces and marinated with salt, paprika and garlic.


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