Cecina de León I.G.P. full and half pieces

Cecina de León I.G.P. full and half pieces

Full and half pieces of Stifle, Round and Centre Leg. We work with the 3 traditional pieces of Cecina de León I.G.P.

Babilla (Stifle): a succulent piece with an oval shape, and with a small bone at the top. Despite having a bone the piece produces a lot of meat due to its regular shape. Once cured it weighs 5-6 Kgs.

Contra (Round): Piece formed by the bottom sirloin and the round, taking the shape of a triangular prism, almost cylindrical. It is the largest piece and once cured weighs 8-9 Kgs.

Tapa (Centre leg):Conical shaped piece with a flat side, making it very easy to machine cut. Once cured it weighs 6-7 Kgs.

Purchase options:
+ Natural or vacuum packed full pieces. 2 piece box.
+ Vacuum packed half pieces. 2 or 4 half pieces per box.


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