Cecina de León I.G.P.

Cecina de León I.G.P is one of our star products. At FERJU all the Cecina we produce is covered by the I.G.P Cecina de León and is cured for a minimum of 12 months. The only ingredients we use for its elaboration are beef,salt and time. Due to this our Cecina has NO PRESERVATIVES OR ARTIFICIAL COLOURING, AND IS GLUTEN FREE. We produce the traditional Stifle, Round and Centre Leg. We select the best cuts of mature leg to ensure good-sized pieces with fat and grained to the cut. The smoking process is carried out with oak firewood, and constantly controlled so that the Cecina has a slight touch of smoked without losing any of its flavor. As an example of the quality of our Cecina we can highlight the Gold Medal obtained at the Castilla & León Artisan Awards 2014.

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Full and half pieces

Full and half pieces of Stifle, Round and Centre Leg. We work with the 3 traditional pieces of Cecina de León I.G.P.


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Based on full pieces (leg, bottom sirloin and topside) we produce Cecina de León I.G.Pportions) between 700g and 1500g, vacuum packed and weight adapted to client demand. We offer both natural and peeled portions.


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Peeled portion pieces

Peeled Cecina portions, all fat and exterior removed in order to produce a maximum output product for the client, with zero loss.

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Cecina Sliced

100g vacuum packed slices. All slices are separated by a plastic sheet to ease consumption.



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