Cecina de León I.G.P.

Embutidos Ferju is one of the companies that belong to the Protected Geographical Indication Cecina de León. We are members of the IGP since its creation and approval in the year 1994 by the Council of Agriculture and Farming of Castilla & León. The principal activities of the Regulatory Councilare the defense of the I.G.P. "Cecina de León ", the application of its regulations, the vigilance of the fulfillment of these regulations, as well as the promotion and control of the quality of the protected product.

The raw material used in the production of Cecina de León, according to the regulations of the Regulatory Council of the IGP " Cecina de León ", are the cuts of the hind quarters of beef cattle over five years of age, with a minimumlivingweight of four hundred kilos, preferably proceeding from autochthonous bovine races of Castilla & León.

Four different parts of the hind quarters are used; Centre Leg, Round, Stifle andFull Rump. All are classified as class 1ª meat according to the M.A.P.A.

When the fresh cutsarriveat the factory, if they fulfill the requirements of weight, conformation and level of fat demanded by the council regulations, they receive the numberedred stamp with the logo of the I.G.P.
Thus every piece is identified individually and it is possible to control perfectly during all the production process.

The only ingredients used in the production of "Cecina de León" are beef and salt. The production process consists of six clear phases which, in chronological order are; cutting, salting, washing, settling, smoking and drying or curing. The duration of this process is a minimum of seven months once the salting begins.

Once those seven months have passed, and providing that the physicochemical and organoleptic controls carried out by the Regulatory Councilare positive, the pieces go onto the market with a numbered "Cecina de León I.G.P" band. If the piece goes out to the market as aportion or in vacuum packed slices, it is labeled with a "Cecina de León I.G.P" numbered tag which guarantees the quality of the product.


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