Embutidos y Salazones Ferju

Throughout our 25 year history, here at Embutidos FERJU we have been dedicated to offering products of the highest quality. Thanks to our trajectory and the loyalty of our clients, we have become one of the leading companies in the sector. We participate in the different associations who fight to preserve the quality of food production in our province, such as "I.G.P Cecina de León", "Products of León" and "The Food Producers Association of León". We also belong to other regional associations such as "Land of Flavour" and "The Food Artisans Association of Castilla & León".

We have been certified with the international quality certification ISO 9001:2015, underwriting the efficiency of our management and production process as well as the quality of our products.

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Embutidos Ferju

Our installations have a surface area of 2200m2 distributed between different raw material reception rooms, salting, drying, smoking, settling, storage and natural drying areas for the products, and they are equipped with the most recent technology for said elaboration, while maintaining the artisan touch in all the production process.

Over the last few years we have made a considerable effort to have leading edge food industry means at our disposal for one end: satisfy the demands of our clients without losing a shred of our artisan style, developing totally natural products, with no preservatives or artificial colouring.

Our installations can be found in the village of Pobladura de Pelayo Garcia, in the south of León province, where the climate is a key factor to guarantee the maximum quality of our products. Our complete product range is also available for public sale in our factory shop.

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Serafín Ferrero, Artesano Alimentario

"No tenemos por qué estar reñidos con la tecnología, puesto que la tecnología nos sirve de mucha ayuda en todos los procesos, siempre respetando la tradición. Eso sí, todo lo que se puede, lo hacemos a mano.."

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Premios Artesanos Castilla y León. Embutidos Ferju, de Pobladura de Pelayo García, que se alzó con la medalla de oro con su Cecina de León IGP en la categoría de Otros Embutidos y con la de plata por el Chorizo Extra Picante Suave

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C/ La Iglesia, 1 - Pobladura de Pelayo García
24249 - León (España)
Tlf: (+34) 987 38 41 33
Fax: (+34) 987 38 45 99

E-mail: ferju@ferju.net