Welcome to Embutidos Ferju

Our artisan knowledge and our professionality are the keys to the success of our company, which resides in the quality of our products.
Embutidos y Salazones FERJU C.B. is a family Company formed by a team of professionals at the service of the food industry, whose unique goalis to satisfy our clients by offering high quality guaranteed artisan products. Our philosophy has given its fruits and after more than 25 years of experience we are proud to work with a long list of clients from all parts of Spain as well as the main European countries.

Who we are

Embutidos Artesanos, de calidad


Tradición Artesana
  • Cecina de León I.G.P. (Protected Geographic Identification)

    We belong to the exclusive group of food-processing companies that formed the I.G.P Cecina de León, being members since its creation in 1994.
  • Tierra de Sabor (Land of flavour)

    We belong to this Brand of Guarantee which differentiates on the market the products produced in Castilla & León
  • Artesanos Alimentarios CyL (Food Artisans of Castilla & León)

    We form part of this association created to protect and conserve the regional food tradition, and to protect it from the standardization imposed by the large scale food industry.
  • Artisan Awards

    FERJU has obtained the Gold medal prize for our Cecina de León I.G.P, and the Silver medal prize for our homemade Chorizo Extra at the 2014 "Castilla & León Artisan Awards".
  • Products of León

    We intend to safeguard the identity and singularity of the products of León with membership of this Brand Quality Guarantee.
  • ISO 9001

    We have been certified with the international quality certification ISO 9001:2015, underwriting our efficiency and the quality of our products.


C/ La Iglesia, 1 - Pobladura de Pelayo García
24249 - León (España)
Tlf: (+34) 987 38 41 33
Fax: (+34) 987 38 45 99

E-mail: ferju@ferju.net